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This mobile guide is part of the Digital Tourism program of Smart Communications Inc., InnoPub Media and the Boljoon Municipal Government.

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BEACH DESTINATION. Boljoon has beautiful white sand beaches that are perfect for your summer getaway.

Where to stay

White sand beaches dot the southern coast of Cebu. The province is blessed with long shorelines, fine sand coasts, and clear seas.

Boljoon hosts some of the beautiful resorts as well as beachside villas and inns that can be found along the southern seaboard.

Beach resorts and other kinds of accommodations in the town are affordable and accessible.

Most accommodations in the town are just by the sea or near it.

Club Fort Med

Address: National Highway Arbor, Boljoon, Cebu (Tap to check location. For this feature to work, you need to turn on your GPS and have an Internet connection.)

Contact details: (+63) 32 482 9050 (tap on number to call) (landline), (+63) 932 856 7880 (mobile) or email

Shortly before vehicles make the turn around a town landmark called Ili Rock, the road goes downhill and branches left into a gravel pathway that leads to Club Fort Med. (Read more)

Granada beach house

Address: South Cebu Road, Boljoon, Cebu

Contact details: (+63) 939 7711 722 (mobile) or email

The Granada beach house is an eight-bedroom rustic property set atop a cliff with a 180-degree view of Boljoon's seas. (Read more)

Noordzee Hostel

Address: Cebu South Road, 6024 Boljoon, Cebu

Contact details: (+63) 32 482 9013 or email

Noordzee Hostel is a full service beach hostel in Boljoon that offers budget and luxury rooms. (Read more)

Palanas Farm and Resort

Address: Pondohan, Upper Becerril, 6024 Boljoon, Cebu

Contact details: (+63) 922 8178598 (mobile), (+63-32) 231-2727, (+63-32) 514-2517 or (+63-32) 520-5641

Boljoon accommodations are not all coastal; the Palanas Farm and Resort is located in a tranquil valley of the the rural town. (Read more)

Other accomodations

Purok Molave, Granada, Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 0912-9012278 or 0919-6275950
Non-Aircon Room: P1,500 per day

Soco Residence
Poblacion, Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 4829123
Non-Aircon Rooms range from P300-P500 per day

Hinagdanan Beach
Sitio Baclayan Gamay, El Pardo, Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 232-5273 or 0932-2708384 or 0932-7034316 beach
Aircon Rooms: P3,000 good for 4 persons
Cottages: P1,000 per day

Lola Remy's Family Beach Resort
Poblacion, Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 032-3440034 or 0920-85779614 or 0933-8126294
Aircon: P599 per day
Non-Aircon: P499 per day

The Place
El Pardo, Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 0932-9093890
Aircon: P1,500 per day
Non-Aircon: P1,000 per day
Cottages (closed): P1,000 per day
Cottages (open): P400 per day

Bellieboy Family Beach House
Granada, Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 032-4825569 or 0916-5169898
Aircon: P1,000 good for 2-4 persons

Omandac Family Beach & Tourist Inn
El Pardo, Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 032-2612234 or 0933-4350333
Aircon: P1,000 per day
Cottages: P400 to P800 per day

Lusapon Resort
Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 032-4829077
Aircon: P1,500 per day
Non-Aircon: P1,000 per day

Brumini Beach and Beds
Granada, Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 032-4825627
Aircon: P1,500
Non-Aircon: P600
Cottage: P150

Morning Breeze Terrace
Poblacion, Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 032-4825627
Aircon P2,500

The Fish Village Resort
Granada, Boljoon, Cebu
Phone: 032-4915607
Aircon: P1,200
Non-Aircon: P1,000
Cottages: P200

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