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GREAT VIEW. Located across the road from the church, Plaza Bermejo offers a great view of the Boljoon coast. (Photo provided by the Boljoon Municipal Government.)

Plaza Bermejo

Although neither within nor a part of the Parish Complex, this coastal park is located close enough to be grouped together with Parish Complex attractions.

Plaza Bermejo, located across the road from the church, is not among Spanish colonial or American era structures. Nevertheless, it was created in tribute to one of the town's great Spanish period personalities - Fr. Julian Bermejo.

Fr. Bermejo was responsible for putting up a defense concept against the Moros who used to pillage the town and abduct villagers.

He implemented a system that involved communication among a stretch of watchtowers over a distance of 96 kilometers, from Santander in the south to Carcar in the north, using flags, lantern/fire and Budyong shells.

In Boljoon, Fr. Bermejo constructed a fort complete with bulwarks around the church complex to serve as refuge during Moro raids.

In the center of the park is a bust of the priest who took possession of his first parish, Boljoon, on October 9, 1802.

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