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This mobile guide is part of the Digital Tourism program of Smart Communications Inc., InnoPub Media and the Boljoon Municipal Government.

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BOLHO. The town's name is said to come from the word "bolho," the local term for gushing water.

Baño sa Poblacion

This area is believed to be where the locals and the Spaniards first came into contact with one another. Of walking distance from the Boljoon Municipal Hall, the Baño sa Poblacion is the site of a gushing spring where people get their water requirements or do their bathing and washing needs.

Although improvements have been introduced to the area, the water that flows there still comes from the same spring that provided for the needs of the people in pre-colonial times.

One of the stories that explain how Boljoon got its name refers to the first interaction between the Spaniards and natives that occurred at the Baño sa Poblacion.

The narration goes that the natives answered "bolho" - which is the local term for gushing water - when the Spaniards asked them for the name of the place, so they called the town Boljoon.

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