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This mobile guide is part of the Digital Tourism program of Smart Communications Inc., InnoPub Media and the Boljoon Municipal Government.

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COMMUNITY ADVOCATES. Boljoon Mayor Merlou Derama talks to the participants of the community-based, digital-powered cultural and heritage tourism project of Boljoon. (Photo provided by the Boljoon Municipal Government).

About this guide

This app is part of the nationwide Digital Tourism program of telecommunications leader Smart Communications, Inc. and Cebu-based new media startup InnoPub Media.

Digital Tourism harnesses mobile technology to deliver tourism, cultural and historical information. The program involves the production of e-books and mobile apps to serve as tourist guides and the deployment of interactive tourism markers that use QR Codes and NFC to deliver tourism, cultural and historical information to phones and tablets.

In Boljoon, the program has a community aspect with the help of Grassroots Travel, a community-based tourism organization founded by Boboi Costas.

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